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Our goal is to provide you with a caring environment in which to select an appropriate personalized memorial for your loved one, or for yourself as a pre-need arrangement.  We have a large display of monuments of various styles, sizes, and colors.  We will combine your wishes with our suggestions to design your monument with the appropriate text, components, epitaphs, and meaningful symbols.  With our computerized design capabilities, we can provide you with a rendering of your memorial in minutes.  This will give you the opportunity to make changes, if needed, and to help you visualize the finished monument.
Cemetery Memorials vary from flat and beveled markers to slanted uprights to multi-piece upright monuments.  Flower vases can be added as well.
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Our price will include the monument design and lettering, foundation and placement in the cemetery, not including sales tax and applicable cemetery setting fees.  A delivery charge may apply.  Our workmanship is guaranteed. viagra to canada what is up with the bathtubs in the viagra commercials viagra bph study viagra over the counter south africa